Kodak Super 8 All Inclusive Film Packages – Best Discounts!

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Kodak Super 8 All Inclusive Film Packages – Best Discounts!

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IMPORTANT! Please read "ordering instructions" below before placing an order.

These packages include your choice of nearly any combination of Kodak super 8 film bundled with Spectra premium processing, assembly (prep), ultrasonic cleaning, and a full resolution 2K flat scan on Scanity or HD color corrected scan on Spirit at the best discount.  The larger your film package size, the greater the percentage of savings!

Upgrade options are available in case you want to substitute in 4K scanning or more expensive Ektachrome film.  Rush service options, cloud upload and other services can easily be added at additional cost.


Ordering Instructions:

Due to the complexity of the film packages there are a few extra steps to placing an order.  Please be sure to follow these simple instructions to avoid delays in filling your order:

Select the size package you want from our store selection above.  During the check-out process you will need to specify quantities of each film ASA you want within the “Order Details” dialogue box.  You may specify any combination of Vision color 50D, 200T, 500T or Tri-X black and white as long as they correspond to the number of film rolls within the package you are buying.  There is a 15.00 per roll upgrade (added later) if selecting Ektachrome 100D. Please keep your eye out for this large dialogue box during check-out to avoid delays in filling your order!

Please note that we are out of Ektachrome 100D and Tri-X black and white film due to Kodak supply chain issues. Currently, you may only select from 50D, 200T or 500T color negative stocks.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Alternately, you can download the forms bellow, complete the package specification forms and submit them to Spectra at sales@spectrafilmandvideo.com.   We will call you back with any follow-up questions!

Download Spectra Film Package Order Form


What’s Included:

  • Brand new super 8 Kodak film stock of your choice!  Mix and match as you wish!  Ektachrome 7294 requires upgrade.
  • Spectra premium processing with fresh chemistry!
  • Film assembly on reels with newly manufactured leader and reels.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning to remove any handling dust after assembly.
  • Your choice of full resolution 2K Scanity flat log scan or color corrected HD scan on Spirit.
  • All scanning is done on DFT scanners which are considered the best in the film industry.
  • Download to your drive without the hidden data management, drive mounting or download fees that other facilities charge.
  • Package Runtimes: 4-Pack = 10 min, 6-Pack = 15 min, 8-Pack = 20 min, 12-Pack = 30 min, 24-Pack = 60 min

Super 8 1-Pack Test Roll (2.5 min) – 129.95, Super 8 4-Pack (10 min) – $479.00, Super 8 6-Pack (15 min) – $689.00, Super 8 8-Pack (20 min) – $869.00, Super 8 12-Pack (30 min) – $1269.00, Super 8 24-Pack (60 min) – $2429.00


  • Our all-inclusive film packages provide the largest discount possible on film, processing and scanning.  The larger the package size the greater the percentage of discount!
  • All packages include genuine Kodak film product that has not been re-branded or re-packaged. All factory emulsion manufacture codes are visible for your reference.
  • All film sold by Spectra is factory fresh product that is refrigerated at Kodak recommended 55 degrees to maintain best quality.
  • Optional 4K scanning or Ektachrome film upgrades are available at additional cost.
  • All scanning is done as professional full resolution standard from the film surface with no Bayer resolution up-scaling or interpolation.  Be sure to check the type of scan you are getting for best quality and value!
  • Package Runtimes: 4-Pack = 10 min, 6-Pack = 15 min, 8-Pack = 20 min, 12-Pack = 30 min, 24-Pack = 60 min