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Spectra Referral List

Listed products and services that Spectra does not currently offer.
Spectra is not affiliated with these companies. We therefore do not endorse, guarantee or accept any responsibility for the quality of their service (being a separate operation).

Camera Repairs

Photo Center Inc

Basic Super 8 and 16mm Repairs (including Canon Scoopic and Bolex). A source for some of Spectra's repairs.

  • 7961 Beverly Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • 323-653-6688

Walter's Camera

General Super 8 Repairs

  • 811 W Cesar Estrada Chavez Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • 213-620-1550

Imaging Alliance

Joe Gill repairs Canon Scoopic and makes 3D printed batteries. Also repairs S8 Canon 1014, 814, Nikon R10 and R8.

  • 12551 Edith Dr, Garden Grove, CA 92841
  • 714-235-7386

Du-All Camera

Canon Scoopic Repair

  • 772-774 Central Ave, Westfield, NJ 07090
  • 212-643-1042

Filmkonsult Svebaco KB

Beaulieu Repair Specialist. Considered the best of the best where Beaulieu is concerned.

  • Bjorn Andersson Hasselby, Sweden
  • +46 (0) 8-38 1074


Aaton Repair Specialist

  • 801 S Main St, Burbank, CA 91506
  • 818-972-9078

AM Camera

Arri and Aaton Specialist

  • 24932 Avenue Kearney, Santa Clarita, CA 91355
  • 661-433-7667

Dr. Bolex

Bolex Repair Specialist and Super 16mm Gate Mods.

  • PO Box 2522, Tijeres NM 87059
  • 214-870-5608


Bolex Repair Specialist

  • 13624 Black Elk Trail, Prescott, AZ 86305
  • 928-708-9901

Kodak Product Replacement

To address defective Kodak film products. Includes jammed cartridges, mislabeled packaging, broken seals, dented cans and more.


Still Film Developing and Prints

Richard Photo

E6, C41 and BW On Site Sevices Provided.

  • 21515 Centre Pointe Pkwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91350
  • 661-200-5300

Cam Photo

E6, C41 and BW Outsource Services Provided. Old-school camera shop.

  • 519 N Glenoaks Bl Burbank, CA 91502
  • 881-841-5011

Dexter's Camera

ECN-2 Still Film Specialist. Claim to process 35mm Vision still films on site!

  • 5 N Pacific Ave Ventura, CA 93001
  • 805-643-2172

Boutique Film Lab

ECN-2 Still Film Specialist. Can process 35mm Vision still films!

  • 569 Stewarts Ferry Pike, Nashville, TN 37214
  • 615-283-0254

Blue Moon Camera & Machine

ECN-2 Still Film Specialist. Can process 35mm Vision still films!

  • 8417 North Lombard Street, Portland, OR 97203
  • 503-978-0370

Old School Photo Lab

ECN-2 Still Film Specialist. Can process 35mm Vision still films!

  • PO Box 67 / 263 Central Ave, Dover, NH 03821
  • 603-742-6659

Digital to Film Out (Digital to Film Services)

Deluxe Media

Tape or digital file transfers to film in the US.

  • Elizabeth "Tig" McKenzie
  • 818-526-3661

CPC London

Tape or digital file transfers to film in the UK.

  • Mill Hall Business Estate Aylesford, Kent ME20 1JZ UK

Modern Cinema Taiwan

Tape or digital file transfers to film in Taiwan.

  • Jay Cheng

Analogue Audio Migration

Audio Mechanics

Audio transfers from full coat, Nagra, optical, DAT, cassette tape and most other defunct audio formats.

  • 1200 W Magnolia Bl Burbank, CA 91506
  • 818-846-5525

Precision Audiosonics

Audio transfers from full coat, Nagra, optical, DAT, cassette tape and most other defunct audio formats.

  • 1015 N Cahuenga Bl Hollywood, CA 90038
  • 323-467-6505

Software Tools

Neat Video Plug-in Grain Reduction

Highly recommended! A very powerful yet affordable grain and dirt removal plugin for DaVinci, Premier or Final Cut.


Davinci Resolve Color Correction

Highly recommended! Best color correction software in the business with fast growing popularity for editing.


DFT Color/Scanning Sales

Manufacturer of the worlds best film scanners. These scanners do not upscale resolution (via Bayer filter) and are used exclusively by the best labs.


Adobie Premier Editing for Mac or PC

Currently the most popular editing software which is accessible for a monthly fee.


Final Cut Pro X Editing for Mac only

No monthly fees. You buy it and own it forever.


Mac Drive 10 Utility for Windows PC

Open and access Mac formatted drives on a Windows PC. Also allows Mac re-formatting.


VideoLAN ProRes Media Player for Windows PC

Open and play Apple ProRes files on a Windows PC that lacks the ability. Free download!


Film Education

Ghetto Film School - LA

Highly Recommended! A handful of promising artists under the age of 35 are selected for an entirely free education in shooting 16mm projects. Funded by Spike Lee and other celebrities.

  • 2701 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 100 Los Angeles, CA 90057
  • (213) 738-8290

Oakwood School K-12

Private school that strives to out-compete public schools in every category. They are one of the few K-12 schools to offer an introduction to film curriculum.

  • 11600 Magnoia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
  • (818) 732-3000

EPFC Collective

Echo Park Film Center was established in 2001 as a non-profit source for film education and affordable camera rentals. Available for people of all ages and incomes.


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