Digital Vision Golden Eye 4 – 4K Full Resolution Film Scanner for Sale

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Digital Vision Golden Eye 4 – 4K Full Resolution Film Scanner for Sale

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History:  Spectra is selling the most current Golden Eye 4 model film scanner which was purchased new from Digital Vision in 2017.  This versatile scanner has only been used for a handful of jobs.  After Spectra acquired a faster scanner for time sensitive lab dailies, the decision was made in 2018 to retire the Goldeneye since it was intended for somewhat slower, archival applications.  This scanner and all of its components are currently dismantled for storage and remain in excellent, “like new” physical condition.

Features:  The Golden Eye 4 is a tri-line array scanner that scans all information from the film surface at full resolution without the unwanted interpolation (resolution upscaling) or artifacts as seen with cheaper Bayer scanners.  Full resolution scanning remains the industry standard at all the big labs and post facilities because film professionals demand the best in picture quality for their high end projects.  Under normal circumstances a true, full resolution scanner such as this would be incredibly expensive to buy.  However, Spectra is providing this purchase opportunity to  professionals who appreciate the value as well as the complexities of full resolution scanning.  Read more on some basic differences between full resolution vs. upscale resolution scanners.

This Golden Eye 4 can scan nearly any conceivable film format.  It comes equipped with super 8, regular 8, super 16, standard 16mm and 35mm (2, 3 and 4-perf framing) format capability with more format upgrade options available at additional cost.  Optical sound capturing from 16mm and 35mm is also included.  Customizable resolution selection includes SD, HD, 2K and 4K in all their various forms.  Files may be captured as linear or log DPX with a simultaneous ProRes thus avoiding the need to render out client proxy files.

This scanner loaded with all the options cost Spectra well over 200K.  But, today their loss can be your gain!  This is a real bargain for someone wanting to get into professional film scanning at minimal cost.  Also ideal for a facility already familiar with film scanners that wish to expand or offer an alternative to a lower quality Bayer scan.  This includes everything needed to get started with a high-end film scanner except networking and SAN capture storage.

Spectra can refer you to the Golden Eye lead engineer, Mike Waldie, for assistance with room plans, assembly, installation, training and maintenance.  Be sure to review the manufacturer brochure on this versatile scanner for details on all the features!

What’s Included:

  • Scanning at full resolution in SD, HD, 2K, 4K – Included  
  • Super 8, Regular 8, 16mm, 35mm film gate options – Included 
  • 16/35mm optical sound package – Included 
  • Customized Dell 7810 Precision Tower w/ Dell P2415Q 4K Monitor – Included 
  • Goldeneye operating system software for capturing – Included  
  • High power LED array illumination (liquid cooled) – Included  
  • Output capture DPX log or linear 8, 10 or 16 bit – Included 
  • Simultaneous ProRes capture option – Included 
  • 35mm real time 2K and up to 11fps scanning at 4K – Included  
  • 2000′ reel capacity with up to 200fps rewind – Included  
  • Custom stainless steel equipment carriage – Included  
  • Fully enclosed film transport cabinet w/ PTR cleaning rollers – Included  
  • Runs on 110 – 240 / 50 – 60Hz AC power at 500W
  • Optional 9.5mm and 70mm gate available from manufacturer at additional cost
  • Not included: installation, SAN capture storage, pressurized air source, cables, shipping or applicable tax.

Terms of Sale:  This scanner was tested and functional according to the Golden Eye lead engineer, Mike Waldie, who performed the final shutdown.  It comes with all the original factory parts and peripherals that were included from the manufacturer (nothing is missing).

Although this scanner is in excellent physical condition, it has not been operational since 2018.  Because of this and the low asking price, this scanner will be sold in “as is” condition.  Spectra offers no warranty, guarantee, testing or return option with this equipment due to its low price and state of disassembly for storage.  Any sale of this equipment will be considered final.

Check or bank wire are acceptable forms of payment.  After funds have cleared, arrangements for moving or shipping the equipment may be carried out.  The Golden Eye is available for physical inspection by appointment only:  818-762-4545