6V 10W Deluxe Halogen Viewer Bulb (20% Brighter)

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6V 10W Deluxe Halogen Viewer Bulb (20% Brighter)

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Custom manufactured halogen bulb produced in Germany for up to 20% brighter image on a film viewer when compared to standard incandescent bulbs.  Long-lasting (typically double) and will not produce more heat than standard bulbs. A must for a picture that is easy on the eyes during long hours of editing. Fits 8mm viewers (Elmo, Goko, etc.) with a BA15S bayonet socket.


Bulb Type: 6V 10W Halogen compatible with most 8mm viewers

Base:  BA15S standard bayonet

Housing: Fused quartz capsule, filled with bromine gas for greater luminous efficacy

Dimensions lamp: 38,5 x 15,5 mm

Hours Average: 2500 – twice that of a standard incandescent bulb!

Manufacture: Made in Germany

Compatible with most 8mm viewers (Elmo, Goko, Vernon, Minette, etc.)