Spare Film Cans w/ Camera Core and Darkbag

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Spare Film Cans w/ Camera Core and Darkbag

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Recycled Kodak metal cans that have been chemically scrubbed and cleaned of markings, tape and labels for reuse.  Each can comes complete with 2″ camera core and darkbag.  Useful for swapping loads and film short ends.

Recycled Kodak Product

Kodak Factory Can:  Empty Kodak stackable, steel film can.  Minor bevel on lid and container serve as an effective light trap.

Kodak Can Measurements:  7″ across, capable of holding up to 400′.  Select from 16mm 1″ depth or 35mm 1.5″ depth.

Kodak Darkbag:  9″ X 9″ black, opaque Polyethylene bag.  Additional protection intended to shield film from accidental exposure to light.

Kodak Camera Core:  2″ OD and 1″ ID with slot for mounting on standard, keyed shaft in film camera.

Compatibility:  Useful with any 16mm or 35mm camera that accepts 400′ loads.  Ideal for swapping out film loads.

Can Seal: ProGaff 1″ tape (sold separately) is recommended to properly seal 16mm and 35mm film cans of this type.

Green Product:  100% recycled, conserving global resources while reducing landfill impact.


Recycling (Cleaning) Process:  Cans are hand selected from our film processing runs for best, “like new” condition.  Film containers are gently heated to remove all adhesive tape and labels.  The can is then chemically scrubbed to remove any remaining adhesive residue and markings for reuse as a green, recycled product.  While this product is similar in condition to new Kodak cans, some minor blemishes may be present.


16mm 400' Recycled Film Can w/ Core and Darkbag, 35mm 400' Recycled Film Can w/ Core and Darkbag