ProGaff Premium Gaff Tape 1″ X 55 yd

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ProGaff Premium Gaff Tape 1″ X 55 yd

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ProGaff has been the best name in cloth gaff tape for use on film sets and in theaters since their inception in 1977.  This tape is 1″ wide which is the ideal width for sealing 16mm and 35mm film cans.  The vinyl impregnated cloth material is the perfect writing surface for Sharpies or markers to label film containers with pushes, pulls, dates, numerical order, etc.  Also useful for floor markings, dressing and taping down cables, and much more.

Available from Spectra in a large variety of florescent colors as well as standard black or white.


Florescent Blue 15.95, Florescent Green 15.95, Florescent Orange 15.95, Florescent Pink 15.95, Florescent Yellow 15.95, Standard Black 15.95, Standard White 15.95


Premium ProGaff Tape

Measurements:  1″ X 55yd

Material: Durable vinyl impregnated cloth.  Rips evenly in both directions.

Adhesive: Proprietary synthetic rubber adhesive (SRA).  Safe for most surfaces and will not leave adhesive residue.

Color: Available in a wide variety of colors.

Applications:  Superior to duct tape for use on movie sets and in theaters.