Guillotine/Ciro Tape and Film Splicer – Most Popular!

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Guillotine/Ciro Tape and Film Splicer – Most Popular!

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Guillotine/Ciro Premium Quality Splice Tape

Fresh Guillotine/Ciro tape is regularly purchased in bulk directly from the European manufacturer.  We can offer this tape at the best price and quality because it is used in large quantities within our lab for assembling all film after processing.

This tape is unperforated and provides full 2-frame coverage on both sides.  Sprocket holes are punched through the tape when making a splice using the Guillotine/Ciro Splicer sold separately.


Guillotine/Ciro Refurbished Super 8 Film Splicer

By far the quickest and easiest splicer available for super 8. This splicer uses less expensive roll tape that folds around the film in one easy step. The splicer punches sprocket holes in the tape to assure secure coverage over the entire film surface. 8mm tape strength is second only to Kodak.

The super 8 splicers we sell are refurbished.  The models we sell come with plastic body, steel cutting blades and steel punches.  We test each splicer we sell to assure the best performance and longevity.  Steel cutting blades are sharpened as needed for quality splices.  Tape rolls must be purchased separately.  We do not currently offer 16mm or 35mm Ciro splicers.


Guillotine Super 8mm Plastic Splicer (S8 Only – Refurbished) –  $125.00, Guillotine 8mm Splice Tape Single Roll (300 splices per roll) –  $6.00, Guillotine 8mm Splice Tape 10-Pack Saver –  $50.00, Guillotine 16mm Splice Tape Single Roll (150 splices per roll) –  $6.00, Guillotine 16mm Splice Tape 10-Pack Saver –  $50.00, Guillotine 35mm Splice Tape Single Roll (75 splices per roll ) –  $7.00, Guillotine 35mm Splice Tape 6-Pack Saver –  $38.00


Guillotine/Ciro Tape

  • Best price due to bulk purchasing.
  • Best adhesive quality (freshness) due to high inventory turnover.
  • 2-frame full coverage both sides for added strength.
  • 8mm tape compatible with both super 8 and regular 8 Guillotine/Ciro splicer models.
  • 8mm tape = 300 splices per roll, 16mm tape = 150 splices per roll, 35mm tape = 75 splices per roll.
  • Unperforated, full coverage tape.  Perforations (sprocket holes) made when making splices using Guillotine/Ciro splicer sold separately.

*Splice tape not compatible with splicers that lack a punch for sprocket holes.  For use with Guillotine/Ciro splicers only.

Refurbished Guillotine/Ciro Super 8 Splicer

  • Quick and easy splices. Faster splicing than any other splicer made!
  • More splices for less money when compared to any other splicer.
  • Plastic body with steel cutting blades and punches
  • Exclusively for super 8 Film.  Not compatible with regular 8 film
  • Splice tape sold separately.