Official “Do not X-ray” Stickers for Film

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Official “Do not X-ray” Stickers for Film

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Official “Do Not X-ray” stickers designed by Kodak and Spectra to warn shipping companies and airport security that your package contains light sensitive undeveloped film.  Wording on the sticker instructs the handler to return the package if opening the container or an X-ray is mandatory. 2.5″ X 2.5″ crack-and-peel stickers are printed on quality, weather resistant paper.


  • Sticker Size:  2.5″ X 2.5″
  • Sticker Surface: Quality, 70 lb label stock w/ protective, weather resistant UV coating
  • Sticker Backing: Crack-and-peel, adhesive backed
  • Professionally Printed:  Will not run when wet or rapidly fade in sunlight.
  • Official Stickers:  Designed with official Kodak wording and symbols to compel airport TSA agents and shippers to comply with your rights under federal regulations.

Special Note:  In addition to our X-ray warning stickers, reusable Domke Filmguard lead bags are recommended for protection from mandatory X-rays when shipping or boarding planes.  Dense lead is the best material for shielding film from high energy Xrays.


Single "Do not X-Ray" Sticker – $1.00, 12 Pack "Do not X-Ray" Stickers – $9.95


  • Quality stickers designed by Spectra and Kodak to protect undeveloped film when shipping or flying. Wording on the sticker instruct the handler to return the package if opening the film container or an x-ray is mandatory.
  • Printed on coated 2.5″ X 2.5″ semi-gloss, weather resistant surface with easy to remove crack-and-peel backing.