35mm/16mm/8mm White Acetate Leader

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35mm/16mm/8mm White Acetate Leader

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Acetate leader has gotten much harder to obtain in recent years.  Spectra still has you covered with our professional grade white acetate leader specially produced in Germany!  Acetate leader is the only leader suitable for proper joining of acetate film with cement splices.  However, this leader is also compatible with tape splices.

If you are planning to splice film exclusively with tape splices, we also suggest looking at the less expensive white plastic leader we sell on this site.



16mm 100' Single Perf on Core – 25.00, 16mm 1000' Single Perf Bulk on Core – 150.00, 35mm 1000' Bulk on Core – 300.00, 35mm 200' on Core – 75.00, Regular 8mm 50' on Reel – 11.00, Regular 8mm Bulk in Dispenser Box – 95.00, Super 8mm 50' on Reel – 11.00, Super 8mm Bulk in Dispenser Box – 95.00


  • Professional grade acetate. 
  • Suitable for cement and tape splices.