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White Paper Tape

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Used in labs and editing rooms to tack up spools of film, labeling and more. Easy to write on and will not leave residue. Select from 1/4″ or 1/2″ tape width.

  • Brand: Shurtape
  • Application: Artists paper tape for use on film sets, in film labs and in film editing rooms.
  • Measurements: 180′ length. Select from 1/2″ or 1/4″ width.
  • Tape Material: Flatback paper.  May be easily torn by hand or cut with scissors.
  • Adhesive: Strong adhesion, yet will not leave residue once removed.
  • Color: Standard white.  Suitable for legible writing.
  • Order as Needed:  Available in bulk quantities for maximum savings or as convenient singles.
  • Best Price: Purchased in bulk for Spectra Lab.  We pass our quantity savings to you!

1/2" X 60yd Bulk 10 Rolls – $50.00, 1/2" X 60yd Single Roll – $5.50, 1/4" X 60yd Bulk 10 Rolls – $30.00, 1/4" X 60yd Single Roll – $3.50


  • Used in labs and editing rooms.
  • Easy to write on.