Wein 1.35 Volt Zinc Air Photo Battery

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Wein 1.35 Volt Zinc Air Photo Battery

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An exact replacement for older mercury PX625 and PX13 exposure batteries. Unlike common alkaline batteries you may find elsewhere, these are the only batteries to have an accurate 1.35 volt rating to allow older camera meters to expose film correctly.  Beware of using improper 1.5V Alkaline batteries which may cause drastic exposure errors (usually by a few stops).

Contains one battery per package.  Most camera meters require two batteries to function.


  • Voltage Output:  1.35V DC
  • Compatibility:  An exact replacement for older, banned PX625 and PX13 mercury exposure batteries.
  • Cell Type:  Zinc-Air.  Safe for the environment.
  • Contents:  One battery per package.  Most cameras require two batteries for exposure meter to function.

Instructions: Remove tape backing from battery to activate voltage output.  Replace tape backing to put batteries back to sleep (extending battery life).