Thomas Campbell’s “Ye Olde Destruction” Book w/ Video Stream Code

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Thomas Campbell’s “Ye Olde Destruction” Book w/ Video Stream Code

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Skateboarding and Art Combine

Thomas Campbell’s 7 year collaborative fully independent (mainly) 16mm film Ye Olde Destruction is a hugely ambitious project presented in a hardcover book with video streaming code.  The book contains 116 pages of beautiful black and white imagery to browse.  The included bonus link allows streaming of the anticipated “Ye Olde Destruction” film project.  This features sweeping drone aerials, unique skate set-ups (consider what can be done with an old Cadillac in the desert), underground skate construction , gnarly car smash up, original musical scores by “No Age” and much more. This film is packed with creativity Thomas Campbell is known for with excellent skateboarding as the premise.

Entirely black and white, shot mainly on 16mm film which was processed and scanned at Spectra.  Offered for a limited time at the special on-line price of 29.95!

Featured YOD Skaters

Evan Smith, Jon Dickson, Jason Adams, Rick Mccrank, Max Schaaf, Caswell Berry, Brent Atchley, Elisa Steamer, Ray Barbee, Al Partanen, Omar Salazar, Jackson Pilz, Robbie Russo, Ben Raemers, Chris Russell, Willis Kimble, Cody Chapman, Rayne Beres, John Worthington, Emmanuel Guzman, Cole Wilson, Roger Mihalko, Tony Miorana, Aron Suski, Mark Suciu, Andy Roy, Eli Williams, Israel Forbes, Nick Garcia, Oski Rozenberg ,Barker Barrett, Dennis Buzenitz, Tony Trujillo, Sid Melvin, Zarosh Eggleston, Zach Wallin, Ishod wair, Chico Brennes, Louie Barletta, Collin Provost, Stefan Janoski, Raven Tershy, T Funk, Taylor bingaman. Jeremy Leabres, Ben Raemers and Grant Taylor.



Pages: 116

Dimensions: 6″ X 4.5″

Materials: Hard cover.  Flat, quality paper interior.

Content: Loaded with sick skate photos.  Entirely black and white.

Photographer and Illustrator:  Thomas Campbell


Streamed Film (Included)

Directed and Produced by: Thomas Campbell

Runtime: 58 minutes

Playback Resolution: HD 1920 X 1080

Project:  Entirely black and white.  Shot mostly on 16mm film processed and scanned at Spectra.

Original Music Scores: LA based duo, “No Age”