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Super 8 Reel Adapter

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Permits newer super 8 reels to be used on older 8mm projectors and editors with the small spindle or shaft.  May also be used with newer “dual 8” projectors or viewers that are missing the super 8 spindle adapters.   These adapters easily pop into any standard super 8 reel hub.  Compatible reels for use with these adapters may be found here.

  • Application:  To reduce a super 8 reel mounting hole to fit on a smaller diameter regular 8 spindle or 16mm 5/16 rewind shaft.
  • Design:  Cleated backing helps lock the adapter to a reel.  May also be installed on a shaft or spindle.
  • Construction:  Made from static resistant polystyrene.  Will not corrode, rust or deteriorate.
  • Color:  Brilliant white
  • Best Price: Purchased in bulk for Spectra Lab.  We pass our quantity savings to you!
  • Manufacture Origin:  Made in the USA

Reel Adapter (Single) – $3.00, Reel Adapter Bag of 10 – $15.00


  • Permits newer super 8 reels to be used on 8mm projectors.
  • Fit into any standard super 8 reel hub.