Spirit Datacine SDC 2000, 2001 Filter Wheel Drive Belt (Freshly Made)

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Spirit Datacine SDC 2000, 2001 Filter Wheel Drive Belt (Freshly Made)

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20 year old belts such as these have fully exceeded their life schedule. In most cases the polyurethane has started to harden and rot which might cause a belt failure at an inopportune moment. Since DFT no longer carries these belts for Spirit scanners, we put in the research to replicate this belt to exact specifications and measurements with the goal of maintaining a replacement inventory and keeping our scanner operational. Taking this precautionary step is critical because a broken belt on a Spirit Datacine will disable the entire machine.

Spectra now provides a fresh supply of these essential belts to share with any other Spirit Datacine owners who need replacements.

  • Compatibility: An exact replacement match for the Spirit Datacine SDC 2000 filter wheel drive belt
  • Original DFT Part Number: 003 119 100 258
  • Materials: Polyurethane molded over stainless steel cable.
  • Tensile Strength: 100lbs
  • Date of Manufacture: Recently manufactured in 2023 to assure strength and longevity.

* Filter wheel mechanism not included.