Kodak Splice Tape and Universal Splicer – Best Flexibility!

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Kodak Splice Tape and Universal Splicer – Best Flexibility!

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Kodak Splice Tape

Considered the strongest tapes covering 4 frames while most splices only cover 2 frames.  This tape is perforated to allow full coverage on both sides of the film surface while leaving sprocket holes totally unobstructed.  Because these tapes are made for 16mm, regular8 and super 8 formats, they tend to be the most popular when adapting them for use on splicers that had their brand of tape discontinued long ago.  If you can no longer get a specific splice tape for your splicer Kodak brand tape is probably going to be the best substitution to attempt.

Each tape packet contains enough tape for 20 splices with tape applied to both sides of the film.  Splicer sold separately.


Kodak Universal Refurbished Film Splicer

The only splicer capable of splicing super 8, regular 8, and 16mm all in one!  When splicing multiple format personal projects this splicer is a must. Although a bit this splicer is a bit cumbersome to use, it has the best format flexibility and strongest tape splices available today.

The Kodak Universal splicers we sell are refurbished.  Kodak splicers we sell come with plastic body, steel cutting blade, punch tool and instructions.  We test each splicer we sell to assure the best performance and longevity.  Steel cutting blades are sharpened as needed for quality splices.  Splice tape must be purchased separately.


Kodak Universal Splicer (Refurbished)  –  $89.00, Kodak 16mm Presstapes (20 tabs) –  $7.50, Kodak 16mm Presstapes 10-Pack Saver –  $68.00, Kodak Super 8 Presstapes (20 tabs) –  $7.50, Kodak Super 8 Presstapes 10-Pack Saver –  $68.00, Kodak Regular 8 Presstapes (20 tabs) –  $7.50, Kodak Regular 8 Presstapes 10-Pack Saver –  $68.00


Kodak Tape

  • Available for 16mm, Super 8 and Regular 8 formats
  • 4-frame coverage on both sides for best strength.
  • Perforated tapes for best film coverage while leaving sprocket holes unobstructed.
  • Each packet of tapes contains enough tape for 20 splices (both sides)
  • Best tape for substitution attempts with other splicers
  • Fresh tape inventory for best adhesive quality (no more than 1 year)
  • Splicer sold separately

Refurbished Super 8 Splicer

  • Compatible with single sided and double sided 16mm, Regular 8 and Super 8 film formats!
  • Uses affordable Kodak tape.
  • Plastic body with steel cutting blade.
  • Punch tool and instructions included.
  • Splice tape sold separately.

*Please note that splicer can be somewhat cumbersome to use.