Kodak Super 8 Ektachrome 100D 7294 Color Reversal Film

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Kodak Super 8 Ektachrome 100D 7294 Color Reversal Film

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Shooting Conditions:  100D is best suited for shooting in bright sunlight situations. It may also be shot indoors with high intensity, 5500K color temperature lighting.  This film is daylight balanced and rated ASA 100.  This cartridge contains 2.5 minutes of film when shot at 24fps.  Compatible with all super 8 cameras.  Enclosed light-tight cartridge design allows film to be safely loaded or unloaded in full light.

Normal Processing:  With normal E-6 processing, bright colors, high contrast and minimal grain size characterize this film.  This unique film comes closest to recreating the classic “Kodachrome” look we remember.  Color reversal films like 7294 were historically used for home movies dating back to 1935.  In addition, this type of film saw extensive use in professional sporting events (baseball, football, etc), breaking nightly news, government films, cooperate films, public school films and nature documentaries made for television.  This film is ideal for recreating historical events spanning from the mid 1930’s to the 1980’s.  This film may be projected or digitally scanned for normal viewing.

Cross Processing: If cross processed in color negative chemistry (ECN-2), Ektachrome becomes a bit of a hybrid.  It inherits some aspects of negative while heavily skewing color to a yellow/green hue as seen in the far left picture.   Much of the color discrepancy can be left in for visual appeal or corrected out in post as seen in the right side picture.  The film itself becomes a purple negative that can no longer be projected.


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Film Bundled w/ Processing – $74.00, Film Only – $59.00


  • Purchase film only or bundle it with Spectra’s premium quality processing at a substantial discount.  Your choice!
  • This is a genuine Kodak product that has not been re-branded or re-packaged. All factory emulsion manufacture codes are visible for your reference.
  • All film sold by Spectra is fresh product that is refrigerated at Kodak recommended 55 degrees to maintain best quality.
  • Optional full resolution digital scanning onto a flash drive may be purchased separately when your film is submitted to Spectra for developing.