Kodak 16mm 7222 Black and White Negative Film

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Kodak 16mm 7222 Black and White Negative Film

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A somewhat grainy negative film with excellent exposure latitude for shooting under a wide variety of situations.  One of the easier films to expose due to the excellent range of latitude.  Grain reduction software is recommended.

This film is rated ASA 200.  Select from 400′ loads or 100′ daylight loads depending on your shooting needs.  400′ loads contain 11 minutes of film while 100′ loads contain 2.75 minutes of film if shot at 24fps.  400′ loads must be loaded in total darkness while 100′ loads may be loaded in subdued light.

See Foy Vance “She Burns” shot entirely on 16mm Double-X 7222 (with grain reduction applied). Processed and scanned with Spectra.


Film Only 100' Load – $69.50, Film Only 400' Load – $278.00


  • Film not available with prepaid processing bundle.  Processing must be purchased separately.
  • This is a genuine Kodak product that has not been re-branded or re-packaged. All factory emulsion manufacture codes are visible for your reference.
  • All film sold by Spectra is fresh product that is refrigerated at Kodak recommended 55 degrees to maintain best quality.
  • Optional film processing and full resolution digital scanning onto a flash drive may be purchased separately from Spectra.