Empty Super 8 50ft Reloadable Film Cartridge (Silicone Treated)

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Empty Super 8 50ft Reloadable Film Cartridge (Silicone Treated)

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KODAK Reloadable Super 8 Film Cartridge
Bought in bulk from Kodak for loading custom films. Now Spectra makes these cartridges available to the public with an exclusive silicone treatment added to significantly improve transport reliability! Load any custom film stocks that might be available in bulk. Or, double or even triple expose entire rolls of film! These cartridges can be loaded (taped shut) and re-used again and again.

The treatment involves a very thin, almost indiscernible layer of silicone applied to each cartridge (similar to what Kodak did 20+ years ago). This silicone formula and its application required many months of trial and error for Spectra to fully develop. The goal was to load Fuji Velvia which was notoriously difficult to transport reliably through a cartridge. Thanks to this successful effort, Spectra was able to offer vibrant Fuji Velvia 50D super 8 film to their customers for a limited time until the film source dried up.

There are no instructions included with these cartridges.  Any novice user will need to open up a super 8 cartridge already loaded with film for comparison or refer to online resources for help.


Silicone Treatment Process:  Spectra uses commercial liquid silicone concentrate (pictured to the left) that is diluted down to a thin, measured mixture. All dissembled plastic cartridge parts are sprayed with this solution and allowed to dry prior to reassembly. This extra step helps assure reliable film transport with even the most stubborn film stocks.