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Editor’s Grease Pencil

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An essential part of an editor’s kit for applying temporary markings on film, leader or audio tape.  Commonly used to indicate basic edit points, A/B roll edits, heads/tails, film title, roll numbers, sound sync points and much more.  After grease pencil markings serve their purpose, they can easily be wiped away using a cloth dampened with film cleaner or alcohol.

Available in black, red or white!


Black Grease Pencil (Singles) – $3.00, Black Grease Pencil Dozen Box – $25.00, Red Grease Pencil (Singles) – $3.00, Red Grease Pencil Dozen Box – $25.00, White Grease Pencil (Singles) – $3.00, White Grease Pencil Dozen Box – $25.00


  • For marking on any smooth surface including film, leader or tape. 
  • Indicate basic edit or sync sound points.
  • Available in black, red or white color
  • No sharpening required : peel the paper wrapping back for more marker
  • Fade and moisture resistant wax pencil formula creates easy to see marks
  • Erases easily and cleanly with a damp cloth