Delta 18% Gray Card – 8″X 10″ (2-Pack)

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Delta 18% Gray Card – 8″X 10″ (2-Pack)

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Delta grey cards provide a flat, neutral grey surface that enables accurate light meter readings regardless of lighting conditions.  Simply take a meter reading off one of these cards for the best exposure average.  Based on an accurate 18% grey reflectance on which all light meters are calibrated.

Do not be fooled by the sub par versions sold online which are not held to the same calibration standards.  Delta cards are extremely accurate and have been trusted among the film community for many decades.

Intended for use with any hand held light meter or built in camera light meter with manual override.  Applicable to color or black and white shooting!  Useful with still or motion picture cameras (film or digital)!  Full set of instructions printed on the back of each card!


  • Application:  18% grey, neutral surface for accurate exposure readings
  • Accuracy: Spectrophotometer tested for accuracy within 1%
  • Dimensions: Large, 8″ X 10″ surface for easy readings
  • Materials: Heavy duty card stock.  Will not fade.  Resists bending.
  • Instructions:  Printed on the back of each card.
  • Included:  Two (2) professional grey cards
  • Manufacture Origin:  Made with quality in USA