Custom V3 Dual 8 Rank Cintel Telecine Film Gate for Sale

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Custom V3 Dual 8 Rank Cintel Telecine Film Gate for Sale

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Custom V3 Dual 8 Rank Cintel Telecine Film Gate for Sale!

Selling super 8 and regular 8 convertible film gate for use with most standard definition Rank Cintel telecine machines.  This includes Mark 3 Digi 2, Digi 3 or Digi 4 series.  Also compatible with URSA, URSA Gold, URSA Diamond and Y-Front.  This is a very rare, one of a kind item that allows one to make serious money from scanning super 8 and regular 8 on any of the scanners listed above.

This gate is not compatible with the Cintel high definition Ditto scanner, C-Reality, Millennium or Blackmagic Cintel machines.

Originally purchased by Spectra in 2005 for $50,000.00 for use on their Digi 4, URSA Diamond and Y-front.  Now it is being sold for pennies on the dollar!  This amazing gate created by Mike Waldie at Video Engineering provides custom optics that include a zoom and focus for setting optimum picture size on the tube for best picture (highest resolution) while eliminating tube burn and shading issues that would interfere with 16mm or 35mm formats.  Sliding sprocket and interchangeable skid plates (included) allow the gate to be easily converted between super 8 and regular 8 film formats.

The gate was created as a far superior option to the standard Cintel super 8 gate (converted from 16mm) that offered no zoom or side adjustment.  These inferior Cintel produced gates created huge problems with tube shading and premature tube burn while lacking resolution.  The new V3 Gate worked around this problem with zoom and side to side controls to more closely match the 16mm tube burn pattern, thus greatly improving picture quality while preserving tube life.  This superior design and optics provided the best scans the Cintel telecine machines could offer at the time.

Key Features:

1. Convertible super 8 or regular 8 gate for standard definition Rank Cintel Telecine Machines using sliding dual sprocket and interchangeable skid plates!

2. Adjustable zoom and side slide control for maximum resolution and optimum tube burn sizing!

3. Interchangeable skid plates and reel back-plates included! Reel clamps not included (Cintel provided stock clamps were used).

4. Magnetic Sound head and pre-amp is included! Will work with super 8 magnetic stripe normally.  Regular 8 requires separate audio digital delay unit.

Terms of Sale: 
The V3 Gate was removed from operation in perfect working order in 2012.  The gate itself is similar to a camera lens with manual control over the optics making it easy to identify any issue with a basic physical inspection.  There are no associated electronics that can fail over time.  However, considering significant price reduction and one-of-a-kind nature of this item, it will be sold “as is” with no warranty, guarantee or return option.  The manufacturer, Video Engineering, is still in business to assist with installation or address any issue.

Credit card, check or bank wire are acceptable forms of payment.  After funds have cleared, arrangements for pick-up or shipping may be carried out.  The V3 Gate is available for physical inspection by appointment only:  818-762-4545