40″ Cable Release Camera Remote

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40″ Cable Release Camera Remote

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Cameras with cable release receptacle can be remotely powered on/off typically for animation (single frame) or normal transport purposes. Ideal to reduce camera shake with telephoto tripod shots.  Also useful for controlling your camera remotely when using restrictive camera enclosures such as blimps, barneys or underwater housings. Fits any camera with a standard, threaded cable release receptacle.

Operation: Remotely start and stop older film cameras (super 8 and 16mm).  Also permits single frame function in some cameras.  Ideal for reducing camera shake on a tripod or triggering camera power within a special housing.

Features: Flexible steel cable enclosed in braided metal sheathing coated in protective vinyl.  Plunger button with wing grip and center lock.  Extra long 40″ length!  Predates electrical camera remotes.

Compatibility:  Fits any camera with a standard, threaded cable release receptacle.  Canon Auto Zoom (non-electronic models) 814, 518, 1218.  Nizo (silver body) S800, 801, S560, S56, S48, 481 and many others.  Nikon 8X Super Zoom, Super Zoom 8, R8, R10.  Many cameras not listed!  Check your instruction manual.