35mm/16mm Clear Polyester Leader for Archives and Coloring

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35mm/16mm Clear Polyester Leader for Archives and Coloring

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Not recycled from old prints that have had their pictures chemically stripped off.  This freshly manufactured polyester leader is crystal clear, clean and scratch free making it ideal for many applications.  Perfect for creative projects involving coloring or painting directly on the leader (many schools buy for this application).  Also excellent for archives since polyester is incredibly strong and practically impervious to deterioration.

  • Freshly manufactured (no scratches or dust)
  • Made from 5 mil polyester – the strongest material available for leader manufacturing.
  • Available as single perf 16mm or standard 35mm
  • Ideal for archives or coloring projects
  • Extremely durable for long term storage
  • Easily runs through any scanner or projector
  • Suitable for tape splices only

16mm 100' Single Perf on Core – $15.00, 16mm 1000' Single Perf Bulk on Core – $100.00, 16mm 400' Single Perf on Core – $50.00, 35mm 100' on Core – $30.00, 35mm 400' Bulk on Core – $100.00