Agfa Super 8 Agfachrome 200D Color Reversal Film

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Agfa Super 8 Agfachrome 200D Color Reversal Film





Product Discontinued!

Extreme grain and muted, warm autumn colors (lacking blue) characterize this film.  200D is best suited for shooting in subdued sunlight or shade situations. It may also be shot indoors with minimal 5500K color temperature lighting.  This film is daylight balanced and rated ASA 200.  This cartridge contains 2.5 minutes of film when shot at 24fps.  This may be old school projected or digitally scanned for normal viewing!  Compatible with all super 8 film cameras.  May be safely loaded or unloaded from camera in full light.


Film Bundled w/ Processing – $55.00


  • Bundled with Spectra’s premium quality processing at a substantial discount.
  • All film sold by Spectra is fresh product that is refrigerated at Kodak recommended 55 degrees to maintain quality.
  • Optional full resolution digital scanning onto a flash drive may be purchased separately when your film is submitted to Spectra for developing.