We all know the
numerous offerings for
super 8: Pro8mm, super8
sound, yale, Pac lab,
chambless, spectra photo
video, spectra cine,
spectrum, spector... Now
Spectra Film and Video
is here to offer a new
choice.  Top quality at
the lowest prices for
processing, rentals,
transfers and more
Great Prices on Discounted Film Packages for 16mm & 8mm
Containing Film, Processing, and Telecine

Super 8 and Regular 8mm Transfers to Video
(The only facility to offer real, full resolution 8mm HD Spirit
transfers using the V3S Gate built from the ground up)

35mm and 16mm Dailies also Available at Excellent Rates

Super 8, 16mm
& 35mm Ektachrome, Negative and Black &
White Reversal Processing at our
In-house Lab Facility

Free Processing of Pro8mm Film when Footage is Transferred
to Video at Spectra.  Must use promo code "FILM FREEDOM"
(see lab page for details)

Super 8, Regular 8 and 16mm
Raw Stock Sales

16mm and 35mm Darkroom Spool Down Service to spools or
cans that you provide

NEW! Obscure Film Services Referral List

Film Supplies and Resources for Shooting, Editing and Viewing

Film Drop Box for After Hour Deliveries
to this site.
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Spectra Film & Video
    Processing and
    transferring a variety of
    film formats utilizing state
    of the art equipment with
    highly experienced and
    friendly staff to serve you
    at reasonable rates.
Serving the needs of motion picture industry:
35mm - 16mm - Super 8 - Regular 8
Film - Processing - Transfers
Spectra contact info:
Spectra Film & Video
5626 Vineland Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Phone: 818-762-4545  Fax: 818-762-5454
See our
contact page for additional details with
map to our location
Known for producing the best looking pictures
in the world.  Spectra  just had this phenomenal
film scanner installed for professional quality
2K and 4K scanning with no interpolation!